Greggs Restaurants and Taverns - Terrible Take Out

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My parents bought 2 salmon ceaser salad and paid 30 DOLLARS for their dinner.. they got take out from East Providence.

Do you think this is worth 30 dollars?

2 tomatoes cut in half and not even full to the top?

A few pieces of lettuce, that doesn't even look fresh?

Needless to say, they won't be coming back here again, and neither will I. There was almost no food in the "salad", which can't be considered a salad because there was almost no lettuce in it.

Quality of food was poor. Gregg's is very consistent- on messing up my order!

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Greggs Restaurants and Taverns - Greg's in lowell has horrible service.

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This is the second and last time my family and I will give this sorry excuse for a restaurant a chance.My wife and I went there last Saturday for breakfast.

They were not over busy but a good crowd. We were seated promptly and we had the same waitress as the last time (first bad sign). She took our order and 30 min later we still did not have food. My wife ordered the special and I ordered a breakfast sandwich.

Never a reason for the food not arriving. Several others came in after us and received their food before we even saw our waitress again. Of course they had a different waitress. We left, no one asked us about our food or service.

Watch out for the so called "christain waitress"; She is a lousy waitress. I live in Lowell and can't believe this sorry place is still open. I agree with the other person, clean house and start over.

Georgio's in Cramerton will get my business from here on out.Hope Greg's goes belly up!!!!

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Greggs Restaurants and Taverns - Gregs family restaurant,lowell,nc sucks

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gregs family restaurant in lowell,nc,28098 totally sucks,it has super slow service,so

so food,that is either partially cooked or burnt,DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY AT THIS SO CALLED RESTAURANT its a sorry excuse for a food establishment.I went with a couple friends of mine.I will admit the restaurant had plenty of help on hand,but the dining area was only about one fourth full,we were seated very promptly but had to wait fourteen minutes before we ever saw our waitress,which I had to go and ask for service,then it was another 20 minutes before we got our food that had very little taste.If you are on lunch break you are up the creek as far as getting back to work on time BTW we only ordered hamburgers,fries and 2 specials of the day,there was only 4 of us so WHAT was the big delay What kind of morons work here



For everyone who has posted on here, I'm not sure what happened, but the place has completely new management. A name change and everything. I asked what had changed and the employees told me that Greg had left. They didn't tell me why, but after my meal there I didn't care.

My wife and I had excellent service and the cashier was friendly and fast. It seems like the management has stepped up a lot. We had by far the best breakfast there yet- hot, delicious food fast... and the kicker is they had everything we asked for!

This place has got Cracker Barrel and Georgio's beat by a mile. Bottom line is, if you live in the area you have got to give Greg's (North Main Restaurant) a second chance.


Hey Pat.Didn't you read the instructions?

You got all political on us and mean. Back to Greg's...I met some co-workers there for breakfast. Was running late. By the time I got there they had nearly finished their meal but I noticed a somber attitude.

Ordered a chicken, and feta omelet. First *** was delicious! Second *** pulled a hair that resembled a pubic hair. Showed my co-workers and they informed me they saw a *** roach crawling on our table before I got there.

Needless to say we left and will not be going back.Oh and Pat...I'm a cop born in the south and voted for Obama.

to Popo know #593829

who cares if your a cop, and if their really was a"roach "crawling on the table u should have said something right away. :cry :(



To Pat Nixon Stanley, NC Being from the north or a Dem has nothimg to do with the it. Im from the far north, and enjoyed every meal Ive had at the Greggs.


CLUELESS MANAGEMENT!The Greg's in Charlotte is so good and the one in Lowell is soooo BAD for too many reasons to list.

They really do not know how to run a restaurant, which to me seems odd as there are two other Greg's locations in addition to Lowell.I will certainly never go back!


I"m not sure why the negative comments, to each his own but i just discovered Greg's a few months ago and I love that everything is made from scratch and have never been disappointed with anything they serve. Best Turkey and dressing I ever ate. Everyone that appreciates real food made from scratch should visit Greg's.


Absolutely the worst restaurant in Gaston County.How in the world can you screw up breakfast as badly as they do?

Undercooked homefries, slow service, high prices, and why on earth do they put a slice of american cheese on top of an omelette? Who does that? Greg's "restaurant" does. I've tried them three times so this is not a snap judgement.

Avoid this place at all costs.Such a shame really.

Niigata-Shi, Niigata, Japan #368168

Overall, poor management skills and pos workers are to blame for the poor quality of Greg's Restaurant.There are a few good ones there, but the bad out weighs the good!

I live in lowell, and know what goes on there! Half the employees are stoned out of there head daily and just don't care! Clean house!

There are plenty of straight, hard working people out there looking for jobs!I will never eat there!


Ok, well, we'll be going back to Greg's!Everything was great, they had home fries.

We were asked about drinks within 2 minutes then got our food 7 minutes after we ordered. The waitress was very attentive. $11.59 for two full breakfasts; tipped $4.00. I hoped for a good coffee but got the standard restaurant stuff.

The menu had a great variety, the specials looked great, my wife says very inexpensive too.Don’t believe everything you read, try this place for yourselves, we recommend it!


I'm going to try it for the first time with my wife.I live in Cramerton and breakfast is my favorite meal, eggs over med, sausage, hope they have home fries.

I won't go back if the eggs aren't done right, if anything is cold, or if the service is bad. My tip starts at 20% and goes down from there; I have given more. Oh, and the coffee better not be that cheap stuff.

Wish me luck.7:35am 9/17/11


As for the guy who said Gregs Restaurant in Lowell NC sucks.You must be an ***.

I drive from Lincoln County to eat at this fine family restaurant. Also you are probably a *** yankee who doesn't enjoy good cooking.

I'll bet you are also a democrat who voted for Obama!Do us all a favor and go back where you came from!!!!!!



Gregs is an excellent place to eat.I eat there about every day.

There's always something new for you to try. Daily specials, nice atmosphere, good people, great service with a smile. Feels like a good down home restaurant.

I will continue to eat there.I would recommend it to everyone.


I have been at this place several times and always have fast service and great food.I have one waitress I ask for in particular, she is always friendly and makes sure everything is perfect for my husband and I.Everyone one should give it a try.

also for those who write these bad comments I really dont think you wanted to give this place a chance.Then again if you have never worked in customer service you would be *** to the waitresses and cashier.


If it is so bad it is strange as the place is busy every single day.I have been several times and had a pleasant visit each time.

The location and their variety are two great factors.A hidden gem to those nit familiar with the area...


This place is HORRIBLE.Do not ever go there.

Every time I go it's either a 30 minute wait to get our crappy food or a crappy server who doesn't care about us. They don't know how to run a restaurant and the waitresses are not good. Sunday is the worst time to go because you have to wait an hour for your food. I would eat at McDonald's before I would eat here.

And the night time cashier was VERY rude and too obsessed with gossiping than talking to customers.Never go here.


My husband eats here most everyday....something different on the menu and he really wants to eat healthy.I recently joined him and love the place.

Great food, and we've always had great service....and the price is very reasonable.Your drink comes with the vegetable plates which makes it great.....also they have decaffeinated tea, which most place do not.


Just returned from lunch here & it was GREAT. Food & service perfect. I'll be back.

Only concern 96.5 health score should be brought up.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #213764

We went to Greggs for dinner after sitting at the hospital all day with a family member.My husband ate BBQ and said it was the best he had ever had.

I had a Philly Cheese steak with fries and the fries were the best I have ever had.

On Saturday after leaving the hospital again my husband wanted to go back to Greggs and get some more BBQ...We will go back again and recommend it to family and friends.Wanted to go after church on sunday but it is always packed.


We really like Greg's.Friends and family have all been and we have never had a bad meal or bad service.

In fact, just the opposite, pleasant staff, good food, service isn't the fastest but we go to relax and enjoy each other's company, not just sling down some fast food.We have dined for lunch, dinner, and had take out - no complaints.


I'm with the OP here.This place STINKS!!!

And if they don't know you by name (like Billy Bob or John Boy) you get treated like dog ***. I have never received such awful service in my life! I went in to order some food there because it looked popular and at the time it was slow. Went in at 11:05 and ordered my food immediately.

Ordered two burgers and noticed at the top of the menu it said "served with fries" so I thought "Cool,I only have to order two extra fries for the kiddies instead of four overall." *** teenage cashier looks at me after I order the two extra fries like I've just peed myself and says "You know, fries come WITH the burger." to which I reply "Yes, I know. It's on the menu. I just need fries for the kids." Sit and wait fifteen minutes, not a bad time to wait on two burger meals, two sets of fries and a small salad (by the way, WAAAYYY overpriced for what you get!) and the waitress who brought the bag read my order back. "You got two burgers and a salad." to which I reply "Where's my extra two fries?" Her response?

"You know, fries come WITH the burger." At which point I say, for the second time, "I know that. I need two extra for the kids." "Oh okay." I get from Miss Rhodes Scholar and she goes back to get my fries. You'd THINK she'd put a rusher on those fries since she screwed up the order but OOOOOHHHHHHH NNNOOOOOO! My fries go to the back of the ***.

I watch order after order after order of fries come out of that kitchen and I even see two patrons who came in AFTER me eat and go on their merry way, all while I'm waiting for two lousy orders of fries I already paid for. TWENTY MINUTES later I FINALLY get my fries without a word of apology, a good old "Oops, my bad" or anything. It was more of an unspoken "You got your fries; now get the he## out of our restaurant!" evil glare from the gossiping cashier and other waitresses.

Needless to say, when I got home, the flavorless burger (all I could taste was the bitter onions that had been stored improperly) and the cheap fries that only got half eaten or the GREEK salad (that never got eaten because I have to replace the Kraft Italian dressing I got with it), I know now NEVER to waste my time or hard-earned cash on this dive.:(


My family and I love this new restaurant!The food is amazing -- as good as my own mother's southern cooking!!

The restaurant only opened in June of this year so we tend to be understanding of any "glitches" in service, though we rarely have experienced slow service here.

This restaurant is a must try!!:grin


the food was real good and a little slow.i enjoyed it and we eat here every saturday.the problem i see is one of the waitress very pretty with long hair, smells of alcohol, and very nervous every saturday or sunday.

she doesn't get our order right and fumbles all the time.they need to check the people that handle our food.


:grin This is a wonderful, friendly restaurant.Some friends took us there a few weeks ago and we have been back twice since then.

It offers good country cookin' like grandma's cooking.

Wonderful and friendly service.We would and have recommended it.


:) My husband & I had dinner at Gregs Family Restaurant in Lowell on Friday, 9/24/10.The place was full.

We had to wait app. 10 mins for a table. The wait for drinks & our meal was a normal wait.

The food was great! Alaskan White Fish, 2 veg.

& Tilapia, 2 veg. Service was great and prices reasonable! Owner came out to table to welcome us. He was very friendly and nice.

The place was clean, high rating. Everyone that I speak to enjoyed their food & service here. I understand every place might not be great every time, but don't bash a place on one experience.

We will return!This area needs more restaurants like this & its proven; look at the crowds!!!


I absolutely hate this restaurant soooooo much it is nasty and the food is GROSS. I would never reccomend this to any of my friends.


I have never got food here that wasnt good I really enjoyed our waitress she was very pleasnt and I would go again I go in about 3 times a week


I have had nothing but good experiences...the food that i have had was delicious and the waitress was as nice as she could be.. of course every time we go in they are booming...I believe it is just taking time to get things in order.

i also believe that some people don't have the understanding as to what it takes to be a waitress.. i did it for years and i appreciate the effort...

if you wanted something faster maybe you should have gone to the Village there is no wait time there!!!!


so right you are,we have had slow and horrible service.the place was only about 1/4 full,service was slow,food was yukky,and the cashier who checked us outwas more interested in talking toother people than taking our money to *** with gregs


hallelujah;;;;greggs is a sorry excuse for a restaurant.some people from our church group went [8 of us]we had to wait 15 minutes before they took our drink order which took another 10 minutes to get,and 3of us getting water when everyone ordered tea.then it took another 15-20 minutes to get our food which was barely warm.we will never go can they expect to stay in business being so slow,my grandma who is 96 years old can cook faster than that and its good long greggs family restaurant in lowell

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